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Why we should want Trump to succeed

Ashley McCann

Opinions Editor

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Saying Trump should fail is the same thing as wishing America fails.

In the aftermath of the election, many individuals seem to want the same thing: a failed Trump presidency.


Many people I have encountered have expressed enthusiastic opposition to Trump and a passionate desire to watch him flounder.

Before I state my argument for an encouraged faith in Trump, I need to preface my response with the following statement: I do not like Trump, nor do I support a wide majority of his stated goals.


My opinion on Trump has been pretty well presented through my numerous articles criticizing his policies and inappropriate statements.

However, I do love my country and the people who populate it.


Is America perfect? Of course not, but the future of this nation is a top concern for me, and it should be for everyone else as well.


For those who protested Trump’s victory, I applaud them. Protesting is their right, just as it was the right of every other American to vote – or not vote – for Trump.


Democracy will occasionally afford other people the right to engage in activities that some people do not like - that’s the way democracy works.


Democracy isn’t something to love only when it benefits the side we support.


Whether I support Trump, come January he will be the commander in chief and play a considerable role in potential policy implementation.


While I have nothing against Republicans, it is important to remind the masses that Republicans won both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which means that building a wall is more probable than it would have been if Democrats had won either.


I do not want my country to fail.


I want Trump to be an amazing president, because the American public deserves it.


As a collegiate community, we have an obligation to each other to work together and assess different situations within our communities.

If people do not support Trump that’s fine.


However, there is no reason to support the failure of a president and his or her country, especially when those disseminating negative desires live in the country they wish to fail.


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