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Uber bans college student

Samantha Carlson

Chicken nugget enthusiast

A Lewis student was recently banned from Uber after attempting to scam the company out of free rides. Tara Dactyl, a junior communications major, was in Nashville celebrating her 21st birthday when she created multiple fake Uber accounts in order to receive the promotional free rides. The Uber company has a promotion that involves inviting new users to use the app and giving them a free ride. Once that person uses the free eduride, Uber also rewards the user who sent the referral a free ride. The foolish 21-year-old used the same phone number for all five accounts, thus leading to Uber discovering Dactyl’s scheme. “I was just trying to save some money so I could spend more at the bars,” said Dactyl. “I did not think that it would be a big deal considering that Uber makes a lot of money anyway, especially in such a popular city.” Uber initially banned Dactyl back in September, and Dactyl has not been able to use the ride sharing app since. Uber officials expressed their concern about users taking advantage of the free rides they give first time users. “As a company, we want to give our customers reasons to come back,” said spokesman for Uber Johnny Walker. “By providing free rides for first time users, it allows people to test out how Uber works and hopefully enjoy the service enough to come back. It is when people like Tara Dactyl take advantage of our free services that will ruin it for everyone else.” Dactyl explains that she has tried to give the similar ride sharing app, Lyft, a chance,but the service is nothing compared to Uber. “If I could take it back, I would,” said Dactyl. “I feel like I had a good connection with Uber, but I don’t think they are reciprocating those same feelings any longer.” Dactyl says she has not sent an official apology to Uber for her mistake, but she intends to send a formally written apology in hopes that they will give her another chance. “I was only 21 at the time. I am 21 and a half now, so I feel older and wiser. I hope Uber understands that,” said Dactyl. “We aren’t sure if we’d be interested in allowing her to use our services anymore,”said Walker. “If we let her come back, then we are not setting an example for other users who may think they can get away with the same thing, but we are interested in what she might have to say.” This is a developing story, and it is unclear whether Uber will decide to continue its relationship with Dactyl.

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