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Students adjust to the change in meal plan distribution

Ashley FaFayette

Co-News Editor

A significant change has been made to the distribution of residents’ meal plan credit for this year. In years past, a portion of the money was distributed every week on Fridays. This year, the money is divided into two allotments over the semester: once at the beginning of the semester, and another half-way through. To refresh your memory, if a student was on Meal Plan 1 last year, $112 would be loaded onto their ID card each week. Moving forward, if a student is on Meal Plan 1, they receive $840 at the start of the semester and then another $840 at the half-way point. While this new distribution plan provides students more freedom to spend their money as they please throughout the semester, it also means they have to be more cautious of how much they are spending. According to Chief Financial Officer Robert Derose, “It is important for students to learn how to budget their money while they are in college because it is a skill required in the world after graduation.” Some students are unhappy with the change. Sophomore undecided Abby Tripp said, “I think it encourages us to buy too much food. Then we go through our money too quickly and can’t afford meals by the end of the semester.” Junior nursing major Hollie Sinn agrees that the system will cause problems for students in the last weeks of the semester. “It doesn’t make sense to distribute the money this way because people will run out of money, and finals week is when it is most important for students to be well nourished,” Sinn said. Senior sports management major Mollie Dalton also preferred the old system. “It is more logical to distribute our money weekly because in the real world I will be budgeting my money based on a paycheck that I earn every other week,” Dalton said. However, some students are pleased with the new meal plan distribution. Senior graphic design major Eduardo Souza said, “Overall, I think it is a good change. As long as you know how much money you can spend each week, you are fine. I remember last year I felt like I had to save my money every week, but now I have plenty of money to spend.” Souza is on Meal Plan 1 and working for Sodexo this year, so he receives a free meal every day. “The best part is that I can go to the C Store and spend as much money as I want because I have a lot left over. I still had about 300 bucks when they refilled our money,” Souza said. Senior nursing major Hilary Znaniecki and Senior psychology major Daniella Ingram also agree that the meal plan distribution is better this year. “I like that we are not restricted weekly anymore because I always used to run out of money,” Znaniecki said. “At first I didn’t like it because you really have to monitor your money. But it actually works out a lot better this way. I go home every other weekend so I end up with extra money anyway,” Ingram said. Each of the girls had more than $100 left over when the second credit allotment was distributed during fall break. For any resident students seeking guidance for budgeting their meal money, Meal Plan 1 equates to $112 each week over a semester, Meal Plan 2 coming in at $125.33 and upwards of $138.66 a week if you have Meal Plan 3.

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