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Staff editorial: Hey girl, we're (sort of) boycotting
During a Flyer student newspaper meeting Feb. 27, print adviser Lisa O’Toole uttered what the staff deemed an inappropriate and unthinkable phrase: “I don’t think Ryan Gosling is that great.” This remark was met with gasps, dropped jaws and startled glances. The statement came a day after the Academy Awards, when the emotions that came with “La La Land’s” best picture loss were still raw and tensions were running high. Flyer online adviser Hayley Miller checked O’Toole’s temperature to make sure she was feeling okay, while other students called campus police to ensure things wouldn’t get ugly. Since the incident, student reporters have flooded the professor’s email inbox with “hey girl” memes and stopped by during her office hours with copies of “The Notebook” in hand. One student changed O’Toole’s iPhone ringtone to “City of Stars” when she wasn’t paying attention, while another placed an “I Heart RG” tag on her beloved dog’s collar. We barely recovered from the initial shock of her words when we came to the realization that we could no longer work under her guidance and would boycott our work with the newspaper until she retracted her statement. We will not be silenced. When we realized we are broke college students who can’t afford to go on strike and actually can very easily be silenced, we decided to take a different approach: incorporating Gosling and his work into every single one of our articles until she breaks down and admits he is amazing. No news story is safe, and we are willing to risk our journalistic integrity to prove this important point. An article about climate change? “Temperatures are rapidly increasing at a dangerous rate around the globe, which is where Ryan Gosling lives.” An NFL story in Sports? “The Bears hope Mike Glen¬non will make positive changes at quarterback, and also Ryan Gosling played football that one time in ‘Remember the Titans.’” A headline about tuition rates? “College students must make an effort to save money, which is a thing Ryan Gosling spends in ‘The Big Short.’” “Lewis will inaugerate Dr. David Livingston April 7, and Ryan Gosling played a guy named David once and also made a movie that was re¬leased in April.” You get the picture. As student journalists, it is our responsibility to report the truth and recognize injustice when it arises. The attractiveness and talent of a successful ac¬tor seems as important a cause as any in today’s tumultuous political climate. We know because we watched Gosling’s political thriller “Ides of March,” which also stars George Clooney, an actor O’Toole has admitted she likes - which means she is one step closer to retracting her words. Until then, we’ll have that clip of 11-year-old Gosling dancing on “The Mickey Mouse Club” playing on a loop in the Flyer office. Join us.

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