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Recreation Center to offer new zombie Zumba group fitness class

bree scott

chihuahua Hoarder

Graphic created by Bree Scott. In an effort to get more students on board with incorporating more physical activity into their daily lives, a new group fitness class will be added to the list this month: Zombie Zumba. The Rec Center hopes that the addition of this class will pique the inter¬est of students who aren’t as keen on traditional exercises. Of course, the Rec Center urges anyone to give Zombie Zumba a try. Zombie Zumba is “a slow-paced and shuffling version of Zumba. ZZ gathers inspiration for Zumba steps from the zombies in “28 Days Lat¬er,” ‘The Walking Dead’ and “Dawn of the Dead.” Zombie garb and groans are optional but encouraged,” as described on the Rec Center’s website. The class is said to increase flexibility and decrease reflex¬es. The only disclaimer is that taking the class repeatedly may cause cannibalistic urges. “It is our hope that ZZ will get more Lewis students interested in exercising,” said Willow Summers, director of student recreation, fitness and wellness. “This class aims to be untraditional, which is what we’re hoping to boost its popularity. A lightsaber group fitness class is in the works if ZZ does well.” Zombie Zumba will be on a trial run as of now, until the Rec Center can get an idea of how many students are interested in the class and are willing to come back to take it. Zombie Zumba will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., starting April 10.

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