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Police make parking lot policies a top priority

Carrera Powell

9001 Powells Level

Parking rules are among the most strictly enforced rules at Lewis University. These rules serve the important, safety-driven purpose of making sure cars are parked in the correct places as dictated by a piece of tape on their back windows. However, many students do not seem to take the parking rules seriously. Several cases of students putting their cars between the wrong set of paint lines have arisen, and LUPD has taken action. Beginning this April, LUPD will be harder on multiple time offenders. A first-time offense will still warrant the same $30 parking fee; however, second time offenders will find their cars wrapped in plastic wrap. Those who have incorrectly parked three or more times will be forced to wear a “shame sign.” These signs are designed to make the criminals feel guilt for their offenses. The signs, which cover the torso and read “I commit parking crimes,” must be worn for an amount of time dictated by the severity of the offense. “We hope stricter punishments will stop these heinous crimes from occurring any further,” said the LUPD in an official statement. Students had mixed reactions to the change. “Good. More spots for me,” said commuter student Dominic Toretto. Two students who requested to remain anonymous said they regularly “park wherever they see a spot,” and “don’t understand why they don’t just pay a fine, like in the real world.” Despite the controversy, the police department hopes this change will make campus a safer place to live, learn and park.

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