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LUPD gets new wheels

Samantha Carlson

Chicken nugget enthusiast

Graphic created by Kayla Chambers. A Lewis police officer patrols campus on new unicycle. In attempt to go green and help save the environment, the university’s police department has updated their transportation method to riding around on unicycles. The unicycles will reduce emissions and air pollution caused by cars. It is a goal to help protect the ozone, but still look stylish. The decision came shortly after discussing ways to get the university involved in being environmentally friendly. Chief of Police Jed I. Knight was the first person to put these new “vehicles” into action. “I am thrilled to be riding my unicycle around campus,” said Knight. “Not only is it good for the environment, but we are getting our officers into shape and keeping them healthy.” The cost for the unicycles is significantly lower than the cost for a police car. The LUPD plans on using the money they save to invest in customized unicycle parking spaces for each employee. Although the unicycles are environmentally friendly, Knight ensures that safety is still LUPD’s first concern. “Since the unicycle initiative has gone into action, there has been one high-speed chase involving a student on a skateboard,” said Knight. The student crossed the road on a skateboard without using the crosswalk, so the officer attempted to stop the student and explain the illegal action that occurred. It was then that the student sped up and tried to get away. The officer on scene used his unicycle to chase down the student, resulting in a five-minute chase that ended up in the student being caught. “I am pleased with how my officer handled the situation, but I am even more pleased at how well he rode his unicycle ride,” said Knight. “Without his fast pedaling and good balance, who knows what could have happened to that student or other students with that kind of activity happening on campus. It just goes to show what a good decision the Lewis community made in this investment.” The student will be facing disciplinary action for attempting to flee the scene and illegally crossing the street. “Next week, LUPD will be bedazzling their helmets to promote safety,” Knight said. “You’re never too cool to wear a helmet, but it will make you even cooler if it is bedazzled.” To celebrate the new unicycle, the department will be hosting the Unicycle Olympics. The Olympics will consist of many different racecourses. The teams will be split into LUPD against students, with the winners being rewarded with their own customized unicycle.

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