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Lewis Football finds another player in NFL Draft

Joyce Balash

Final rose winner

Photo courtesy of USA Today. The NFL Draft will be held April 27-29 in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After winning a National Championship in NCAA Division II football during their 2016 campaign, the Lewis football team has four players that will be entering the 2017 National Football League Draft. Senior quarterback Liam Scott, safety Jake Dillon, offensive lineman Matt Brandy and wide receiver Jordan Rames were among some of the best players in Division II football, posting incredible stats all season. Scott threw for just over 4,500 yards this season, averaging more than 400 passing yards each game. On the receiving end, Rames caught 32 touchdown passes from Scott, being the team leader in points scored per game. Brandy kept the offensive line in check, making sure they were protecting the QB at all costs, and only allowing three sacks from the right side of the line. Dillion made 14 interceptions on the season. These four players were a key asset for the Flyers, especially in the National Championship game, and NFL scouts took notice. “There is no doubt with how well these men played this season that they wouldn’t receive national recongition,”said Lewis head football coach Mike Bruckner. The players were invited to attend the NFL combine and all accepted the offer so they could formally showcase their skills and see how far their football career would take them. At the combine, each player competed in a series of drills to impress various team scouts. Scott led the QBs in position drills with his incredible accuracy and power. The Cleveland Browns took notice and have Scott on their prospect list. Many at the combine watched Brandy, but the team that seems the most promising for him is the Seattle Seahawks. They are in need of new blood for their offensive line and Brandy looks to fit what they want with his build and athleticism. With the Chicago Bears looking for a new safety, Dillion is on their radar. The Bears have also looked at his teammate, Rames, and it seems as though they might remain teammates into their professional careers. “I have total faith that each of these young men will do great in the NFL one day... and we hope that day is coming soon,” said Bruckner. The 2017 NFL Draft is just weeks away and it is coming down to the wire. The men are still working hard every day to ensure they are in the best shape and can contribute to their future teams right from the start. Now that the scouts have seen each player compete, it is just a waiting game to find out the logo each man will be supporting on his jersey come fall.

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