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Letter to the Editor
Photo by Meaghan. The trees on campus are like squatters who enjoy the same benefits as paying students.
Dear Editor, I have one question: trees – why do we need them? I recently discovered in 2016 Lewis University was named Tree Campus USA for the seventh consecutive year – as if that’s something to brag about. Truth is, these trees clutter the campus and pose serious threats to students and their property. According to the Lewis website, earning this award was a result of the cam¬pus meeting the following five standards: “maintaining a tree advisory committee, develop¬ing a campus tree care plan, providing dedicated annual expenditures for its campus program, scheduling an Arbor Day observance and holding a student service-learning proj¬ect involving trees.” That sounds like a lot of lost manpower and funds to me, especially considering that those trees will probably just attract bugs and fall on our cars. However, that’s not the most upsetting part. These trees do not have to pay tuition. They occupy the same space – if not arguably more space – than the rest of us and have no fi¬nancial obligation to the uni¬versity. It’s time we take back the campus and cut down the trees. Instead of allocating time and money to tree preser¬vation, the university should instead put those resources toward the students. With the extra time and funding, Lewis could build more parking lots, get a Taco Bell or possibly even send students into outer space. The possibilities are lit¬erally limitless. While this dangerous and unfair issue may seem obvious to many of those who attend Lewis, little has been done to eradicate the problem. For example, instead of tackling this imminent and newsworthy issue, the Lewis Flyer has instead been ad¬dressing miniscule topics such as health care reform, the pos¬sibility of a border wall and wealth redistribution. The lack of attention direct¬ed toward the hazardous and unnecessarily high tree popu¬lation on campus is alarm¬ing. These trees are basically squatters who enjoy all of the same benefits the students and staff with no accountability. All they do is provide us with oxygen and bring bees, beetles and birds – all of which put a drain on our community. Something drastic and com¬pletely excessive must be done. ~Anti-Tree Activist

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