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I'm sick of political bickering: Thoughts from an irritated voter

Ashley McCann

Opinions Editor

Photo courtesy of Getty Images Trump and Clinton continue to bicker and interrupt each other as Election Day draws near.

I’m sick of politics. I felt like a horrible member of the Lewis community the other day because I was stopped by a professor and asked if I would participate in an interview about the political candidates.


I said no. I told the very patient woman who stopped me that I think both Clinton and Trump are dumb.


That was all I could come up with. She said, “Perfect, that’s perfect!” However, despite her excitement and encouragement, she did not win me over. I was not about to go on video saying something as inept as “they’re both dumb.”


As badly as I wanted to come up with something well articulated and clever, I just couldn’t do it.


The political situation we are currently head-deep in has syphoned the energy and intelligible thoughts right out of my head.


Watching a debate is worse than watching my two seven-year-old cousins bicker about who punched who first. I have heard very little actual dialogue about issues and policies.


Everything seems to continuously circle around emails and nasty comments. Did I write about them in my newspaper articles? Yes. Hence why I’m tired.


I have nothing new to say, because the candidates have said nothing new.


With this issue of the paper coming out right before Election Day, I really hoped that I would have something new and positive to contribute to maybe influence my collegiate peers on their way to the voting booth. Sorry.


All I have to say is vote for whomever you want.


Pick the lesser of two evils if that’s what you think is best. Pick Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or do a write in.


Maybe you don’t want to vote at all.


As members of American society, we have the right to pick or not pick a candidate, vote or not vote.


The only thing I can say is spend some time reflecting on whatever decision you choose.


The right to vote or not vote is a choice that not everyone has, so regardless of the final decision, make sure you exercise your freedom well.

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