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Christian Brothers host second annual bash

Julia Mach

Co-Campus Culture Editor

Photo by Julia Mach Brother Peter Hannon (left), Brother Leo Jones (right) and President David J. Livingston (top) all pose together during the Men’s Basketball game.

The second annual Christian Brothers’ Bash took place Thursday, Feb. 9 in the Recreation and Fitness Center.


Students who attended connected with the Christian Brothers’ community while enjoying some basketball.


The men’s and women’s teams both faced Truman State in their respective matches. Students were able to learn about the Christian Brothers’  history and their different roles on campus.


Students were also made more aware of the Lasallian Volunteer Program, which is a faith-based service program where post-graduate students are able to commit to serving the educational needs of the poor.


“[The Christian Brothers] are obviously the founders of our university and we wanted to make a fun event for students to come out to really connect with the Christian Brother community,” said Brian Sisson, associate athletic director and director of external relations. “It’s a promotion where we have the campus and Lewis community in mind, and there is nothing more that says Lewis besides the Christian Brothers.”


Fans played trivia games to familiarize themselves with the Brothers who currently live on campus.


There were also themed promotions, prizes, games and halftime musical chairs featuring various members of the Christian Brothers.


“It is very exciting and it is very nice to be with the students and being able to participate in the different games throughout the Men’s Basketball game,” said Brother Getachew Alemayehu Nadew, who serves as a principal at a Lasallian school in Africa.


Students were also grateful for the opportunity to learn more about these vital members of campus.


“I think it made the game more enjoyable and fun due to having Brothers as teachers and being able to see them, like Brother Armand, who sang the national anthem. I thought that was really cool because I did not know that he sang or that he was good at singing,” said Kelsey Daniluk, a senior early child education major. “I thought that having brothers at this events helps to connect with students more.”


Student Wellness Prevention Education Coordinator Dr. Markisha J. Woodson, and Mental Health Counselor Gary A. DeLeonardis funded the event with money from the NCAA CHOICES grant. The grant “allows a university to put on certain events on campus as long as it goes along with the theme of no alcohol and events that enrich the student body,” according to Sisson.


A post-game reception with pizza, free drinks and a raffle allowed fans to meet the Christian Brothers individually, and learn more about their mission and purpose.


They could also meet players and coaches from both basketball teams.


“I think it is fun because we don’t really get to see [the Christian Brothers] too often unless you have a class with them,” said Johnny Kegaly, a senior computer science major. “I think that is nice, being able to see that they care about us and that they want to be more a part of the university and community. It is just nice to know that.”


Kerry Lavine, a senior psychology major, also enjoyed the opportunity to get  aquaintedwith the Brothers.


“I thought that it was cool because [the students] do not get to interact with the Christian Brothers that much, and we often just think of them as professors and as faces of the school. However, them being involved with students is always fun and I always like professors or any faculty here that are involved in school.

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