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Bernie Sanders releases new rap album

Ashley McCann

Quacamole Scooper

Photo courtesy of YouTube user Bernie Sanders 2020. Bernie celebrates with neighbors after his album hit the web last week. In a continued effort to sway young voters and further inspire a political revolution, Bernie Sanders has dropped a rap album titled “A Flow That Berns.” “In light of all the political turmoil, I thought about going on a show – ‘Meet the Press’ or CNN – but I realized my traditional approaches weren’t working as well as they once did,” said Sanders. “That’s when I knew what I had to do. I had to connect with people on a different level.” Sanders released his album last week and also declared his intention to run for president in the next election, with a rumored running mate of Kanye West. Although Sanders has yet to confirm or deny the allegations, Sanders and West were seen last week sharing bagels and lox at Bagitos Bagel and Burrito Café in Montpelier, Vt. Some of the tracks released by Sanders are titled, “Bernie and the Bird,” “The Top One Percent,” “Make America Sane Again,” and “The Natural Progression of a Liberal Democracy is Democratic Socialism and Everybody Knows it.” Rolling Stone gave Sanders’ album four stars, while Andrew Breitbart said the album “showed the continued erosion of American ideals.” Breitbart also said, “Bernie has no hustle, talent or flow. ‘A Flow that Berns’ sounds like a disease.” However, despite the criticism, Sanders is optimistic about the album’s resonance with young voters. With the album rapidly climbing the charts, many fans have turned to social media to start petitions for another album to be released this year. A Facebook user, under the code name Smillary Sminton, started a petition that collected three million signatures in two hours, requesting “A Flow that Berns Again” to be released in November. Sanders has yet to comment on the possibility of releasing another album, but he did tell CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer to “keep a slot open for him in late October.” Although Apple chose not to release the album on iTunes, the album can be downloaded from for free.

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