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'Shameless' youngest Gallagher sibling to headline Lollapalooza

erin patrick

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The buzz over Lollapalooza has officially started. With the lineup being announced in March and tickets going on sale, avid Lollapalooza-goers were excited to see the artists that would headline the an¬nual summer Chicago festival. As a commotion rang through social media, the giddy 16-year-olds who used their parent’s credit card to buy their four-day pass were overjoyed to see the one and only Liam Gallagher on the festival’s lineup. Gallagher, star of the hit television series “Shameless,” was able to overcome all odds within his hard, unstable life and become a musician. This performance will not only be monumental for him and his family’s reputation within the Chicagoland area, but he will also be the youngest performer the festival has ever signed to play in the United States, being that he is only seven years old. The youngest Gallagher has shown that he will be one of the up-and-coming artists to watch this year, as he writes and produces his own music. Most of his songs are dedicat¬ed to his family and the hard¬ships of growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Some of his hit songs include “Acci-dental Overdose” and “Dorm Room Baby.” Thankfully, due to Gallagh¬er’s recent musical fame, Fio¬na, his older sister and guard¬ian, finally has found a stable job which doesn’t involve moving up the ladder in ille¬gal or inappropriate ways. It has been rumored that Gal¬lagher and his oldest brother Lip may perform a duet in honor of their father, Frank. Gallagher is set to perform Thursday, Aug. 3, the first day of the festival. While tickets may be sold out on the Lolla¬palooza website, don’t let that stop you from attending this show-stopping performance. Find money “the Gallagher way” and buy those overpriced scalper tickets on StubHub.

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